TTA_Tiny Tiger by DNLtiger

TTA_Tiny Tiger


21 March 2014 at 23:47:50 MDT

A little more Tiny Toons fanart. Simply just turning my fursona into a tiny toons style character called Addy Tabby. He's still a tiger but Addy Tabby sounded so much better. Here's a little bio on Addy here:

Age: 15
Species: Tiger
Background: A student at ACME Looniversity, Addy is an art student. He has a particular knack for using art tools in his gags and using the power of a pencil and paint brush in this particular world for a bit of fun. Addy is often drawing in his sketchbook. He enjoys hanging out with his friends like Buster and the gang. Addy has a bit of a crush on that Julie Bruin and sometimes expresses his feelings for her in wild takes, mostly sighing dreamily with hearts in his eyes or melting in a puddle as she passes. Addy is a rare Maltese Tiger and is sometimes hunted for his fur. Additionally, people often ask what animal he is since he doesn’t look like a normal tiger and his name implies that he is a cat rather than a tiger.

Tiny Toon Adventures©Warner Brothers, Amblin Entertainment, Tom Ruegger
Addy Tabby©Me

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