[COM] Blue Ridge Mommadoe by DixieLandoe

[COM] Blue Ridge Mommadoe


26 January 2014 at 22:05:23 MST

I love the Blue Ridge Mountains. They're my favorite part of North Carolina and always a pleasure to visit. Maybe one day I'll live there; raise a family there as I'm featured doing here.

I realized the other day I'd never commissioned or drawn any art of Dixie pregnant in overalls. I feel that that combination is a tradition that should be adhered to, so I went and changed that real quick.

I love the sunset in this. It really sets the mood. :D

Lineart by Sugarcat
Colors by Elliptacolore
Character by me!


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    VERY lovely and beautiful work here. <:D
    I just love pregger pics. <:3