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Night 1: Bonnie x Jasmine Page 11 by DiscordMelody

Night 1: Bonnie x Jasmine Page 11


//Did you all have a great Christmas? I had a lovely time with my family and I hope you do too! But now that Christmas is over, it's time for a comic update! Yay! After this page, it's STRAIGHT HENTAI AAAAAALLL THE WAY! <3 That's what you all been waiting for! :D

Jasmine smiled in a sexy way. She knew she had to help out Bonnie. She told him that she could fix his problem easily. Bonnie thanks her and said that he promised that he wouldn't kill her if she helped him get rid of his boner. She agreed and asked him to come in the Office. Bonnie steps in and Jasmine kicked off her shoes to get comfortable. She sat down on the floor and began groping Bonnie's cock. He noticed the senors in his cock were more... sensitive than usual. What was that all about? They're fun is about to begin~ <3

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Bonnie belong to Scott Cawthon
Jasmine Ivory belong to me!


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    I love this!!

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    I knew it... i want to be a animatronic..,

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    Oh fnaf, why you gotta be so cool. Love the content by the way :3 (my username was a joke that my friend told me so, woo)

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      Thanks! XD I see what you did there with your username~ XD

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    It was the first thing that popped into my mind. It's weird. Can't really explain it

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    May I just say I am late to the party but you have outstanding drawing/sketching abilities. You are truly amazing with your art style.