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The Language of Roses by DimeSpin

The Language of Roses


10 October 2012 at 22:49:19 MDT

When Handel was just a baby, her mother died near a human couple's summer home, still carrying her, and the humans found her. They decided to keep the little baby Dryad, and they raised her and became the only family she'd ever known. While she was left in their summer home, the couple died in a car accident. Young Handel was forgotten in the home, the couple never came back.

The humans didn't really know anything about Dryads, so they weren't able to tell her how important it was that she go and find a tree to bond to and what the signs were that it was time. When the time came, she refused to leave the house, so in desperation, her body bonded to the roses just outside the house. The spell in her body has encouraged the growth of the roses until they completely overgrew the house.

Later, the other Dryads contacted her, but it was a while before she let them talk to her.

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    I remember favoriting this on FA. Amazing then, amazing now

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    Sorry I didn't comment earlier. Seriously though, bravo on...all of this. The background, the moody lighting, the way she sits by the only window with her back to the portrait of her family, the roses turning their faces towards the picture. It tells a story all on its own.

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    Gosh, the details in this... I bet this took a long time to do. Amazing job on this!!!

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    I really love the atmosphere. The light coming in through the window and the plants coming over it are so lovely. And so much detail!!