Hoss by Human by Digitalpotato

Hoss by Human


21 July 2015 at 17:38:18 MDT

Artwork by Human

I subscribed to his Patreon to help support him. So naturally, I had him draw the Horse AI.

Hoss has several different incarnations, really - I think his most intriguing one is in my friend's universe, SoC. See, he looks like a Nexequus (Which is a pretty rare thing in of itself) but he also is somewhat... hard to place. His mannerisms and knowledge of things make him somewhat more like an AI that was born from a living being, but at the same time he can't remember any past life - suggesting a custom made AI. Plus, this isnt' what Hoss originally looked like as he can sort of appear however he wants. Imagine his mane and tail sorta having the glowy thing where the stripes travel down.

He also enjoys bugging Skythe and Dominik.