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Sup by Digitalpotato



Art by KeetahSpacecat

This is sort of a recreation of my original fursona, who... I didn't give a name to back in the 1990s, all I did was just make crappy doodles of a brown bear in a blue hat. So now he's a bit of a love-letter to Codename STEAM which I have had quite a bit of fun playing. I also kinda looked up to the story of John Henry back in the day, so yeah - why not go further?

His name is Steam, though he also has a less obvious name. Everyone just calls him steam due to having prosthetics and all. Actually wait, why not look at the unofficial reference? :P

Keetah draws very cutsey art. I'm glad to help her with medical bills. My own were nowhere near as bad due to me being a miser and mom saying I shouldn't have to be wiped out.