I Heard Something [2014] by Diddy Vicious

I Heard Something [2014]

Diddy Vicious

18 July 2015 at 22:27:29 MDT

Still proud of it, though I'm well aware for the anatomic failure (f.i. her hands are way too small).
Also, the firefighter-axe is too big, though when drawing this piece I kind of intended it to be huge and look...impressing.
Original description:
Well, Miley can go home with her freaking lame ass sledge hammer now, Sophy has a fucking (totally not oversized) axe, betch.

I don't know about you, but to me this doesn't look quite finished yet, so I may update this soon D: ( The background jus looks so empty but I had no ideas ;-; )
It's almost 6 am btw and I didn't sleep. Again.

Come on, it's not hard to guess what game this is based off...eh? Eeeeh?

I think I got better on shading tho' =v= I'm proud of the tail for example ~
(Gah, but the hands are too small)

Critique is welcome

(Poor Sophy doesn't even have a backpack yet cough)

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