Dragon Lady: One Tough Cookie by Dharken

Dragon Lady: One Tough Cookie


20 December 2016 at 06:24:02 MST

The hitman known as Moosejaw has an unusual modus operandi that includes consuming the flesh of his targets. Many years ago this unusal aspect of his behaviour nearly cost him his life and did see the removal of his jaw and portions of his esophagus and stomach. Several extensive surgeries later by a brilliant but morally questionable surgeon gave Moosejaw a new lease on his professional life and a new, more powerful set of chompers and a new almost cast iron esophagus and stomach. Originally contracted to deal with The Harlot and Charmer by power mob boss, Madame Thunder, Moosejaw has since set his sights on Dragon Lady as a known associate of the prosititute powerhouse.

Looks like it'll be another set of surgeries ahead for Moosejaw. And some extensive recovery time.


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    I'd say he got off easy! xD

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      Like maybe she could have made him eat a super knuckle sandwich instead?

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        Something like that, yeah.

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          Perhaps she'll do just that in a future image and give him a reason for more reconstructive surgery if she were to land one on his nose.