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[COM] Surfin Sea Lion by DexterLion

[COM] Surfin Sea Lion


14 September 2019 at 11:39:01 MDT

It’s a nice day on the beach and at some point, you glance over to see...(hah ”sea”) a lion strolling back from the shoreline. He’s got somewhat of a confident flavor to his step, looking content with his fancy new surf board. Noticing you looking his way, he gives you a “‘sup?” look with a smirk. You think, “someone’s a confident cat. Must’ve had a good day shredding the waves.”

....orrrr more towards reality, somebody's trying to distract from the epic fails of their first time surfing.

Sweet pinup commission done by artist Littlefreckles Original artist post here: [Surfs Up!]

Surfing sealion Dexter belong to me DexterLion


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    I was never really a beach lion, but I would definitely stroll down the beach with that handsome fellow! ^.^

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      This lion would more than love a stroll around any peaceful place with a fellow fluffhead :)