Shattered Emptiness, Soothing Radiance by DexterLion

Shattered Emptiness, Soothing Radiance


24 May 2019 at 20:43:53 MDT

Link to a little story I wrote to go along with this wonderful piece

This stunningly beautiful commission done by artist :linkflashlioness:! Marvelous surrounding forest and incredible lighting inspires such a warming feeling on the inside. Especially love how the lion and flower came out, both of which do a tremendous job of giving readers a sense of what I was trying to portray. A lion who is large and powerful, yet gentle and caring. This piece went way beyond what I was imagining and I'd definitely encourage everyone to give flash a watch with the amazing gallery. Even saying that still isnt doing justice to how great this came out and how talented the artist is.

For realz, give Flashlioness a much deserved watch! Original artist post here: [Flower of life]

Accompanying short story is from DexterLion