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[COM] Storytime: Treetop Encounter by DexterLion

[COM] Storytime: Treetop Encounter


9 June 2018 at 15:28:37 MDT

Well what do we have here? Looks like it’s time for another short story! Soooo...Why not take a little while to kick back and chill next to the fire? It is winter after all. Just relax and enjoy this story about a tense encounter on one of Dexter’s adventures. Enjoy...

Full story is over here on FA

Heh no this isn’t about yarnballs. Mess with a felines yarnballs and you’re likely to get something much worse shudders thunder snuggles x.X

Phenomenal artwork expertly done by artist Silvixen The depiction of treetop combat is so well done with this pose and that focused expression of a skilled warrior. Made all the better with that impressive glowing fire blade. Just hope my story can match the caliber of this art. Also, I highly encourage you to give her a watch if you’re not already! Original artist post here: [Climb]

Dexter belongs to me Dexterlion