[COM] Autumn Thoughts by DexterLion

[COM] Autumn Thoughts


3 April 2018 at 17:31:26 MDT

Dexter taking a long walk through a forest park on a chilly autumn day.

Slight cool breeze flowing through the golden mane, eyes glancing at his colorful
surroundings every once in a while as the mind wanders. Just taking some time to get
away from everything and dwell on a variety of stuff while listening to Peaceful Music.

Whatcha thinkin about Dexy?

Was inspired to get a piece like this after hearing that instrumental.....annnnd of course the start of autumn :P

Another superb commission done by artist vallhund Did an awesome job with the surrounding autumn forest, feel it really contributes to the mood! Original artist post here: [Dexter in fall]

Dexter belongs to me DexterLion