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Runner species sheet


19 December 2012 at 13:22:31 MST

Closed species

raptor kangaroo dragon hybrid

common swift footed desert dwelling predators. easily tamed and domesticated. usually used as mounts for high speed travel. considered dangerous and thus rarely found in crowded cities or towns those that are seen tend to belong to passersby.

poison stinger on tail contain cytotoxic venom. these stinger are usually brightly colored as to ward off foes.

typically a sandy color with a black mouth marking.

feather tufts on both head and rear are considered rare

a variant of this species would be the skullren(extremelly rare)

added a raptor claw and changed the hands to be similar to that of a kangaroos

if you have any question please ask

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    Oh I like this design a lot! What a neat blend of animals~ Looks a little more canine than kangaroo in my opinion though...

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      dont forget theres raptor mixed into the design as well as dragon. kinda originally started out as a raptor but science debunked it and the kangaroo was the latest addition. i am curious where you see canine though as most of the body was based around the original concept of raptors

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        The shoulder and shape of the thigh, mostly. Aside from that, I can really see the other animals.

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    Lovely animal, but I do agree it's got more in common with canine. Modern kangaroos have less upper body size, and much shorter, less strong forelimbs... although some tree kangaroos did look like this, they would have been clumsy and slow on the ground. This looks like it would be a smoother ride than a boomer, as it definitely appears to use the forepaws for some of the faster available gaits. Then again, the advantage of a kangaroo hop is stamina not speed, so I see why this one is more canine-like.

    Love what you've done with the colouring and sting. Does it breathe fire like a conventional European dragon, or water spouts and willywilly, like an Australian dragon?

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      dont forget i added in raptor as well. i havent really though out how the arms would affect the gait as those were a last minute decision originally i thought of this as a raptor but seeing as how raptors turned out to be completely different from what people believed they looked i started adding in more features and the kangaroo was the latest addition to its design.

      its a dragon descendant so unfortunately all it gained from them was looks. its really more of a drake when you think about it.

      the anatomy may be edited at a later date as i get used to drawing these creatures and their anatomy.

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        Raptor, good point. It does have a lot of a Raptorish feel. The head is very Roo. A venomous roo-faced Drake. Neat.

        Heh, with that tail it's almost scorpionlike, I guess. The tail is a roo-like counterbalance, I can see that.

        I think the reason I was thinking "canine" is those slim hips and hind legs. Reminds me of a Fox Terrier I used to know. Very... greyhound.

        Keep us updated as it changes. :) It's an interesting design.