Kitty Chloe (Coloured) by deusofhousehearts

Kitty Chloe (Coloured)


12 July 2018 at 06:38:21 MDT

Name: Kitty Chloe
Age: 26
Height: 150cm
Weight: 89kg
Occupation: Writer, part time instructor
Likes: catnaps, bargain shopping
Dislikes: taste and smell of alcohol

Kitty Chloe grew up with her parents and siblings on a farmland, where she lived until an opportunity to be a model in the big city presented itself. She left and stayed, only returning occasionally during celebrations to visit friends and family members. Her modeling career fell short, but she quickly made her passion for dancing a career, becoming a dance instructor at a popular hyper and macro gym. She met Bernadette when the latter visited the gym during one of her trips to the city, where they struck an unlikely friendship. She also became acquaintances with her apartment’s landowner Deus. As a writer, she is known as a freelance writer for several magazines, but online she more famously (secretly) known as Perky Cathy, an erotic author.


  • Her favorite material is denim. Silk is a close second.
  • She would pick fish-n-chips over sushi.
  • She once appeared on a sitcom as an extra.
  • Despite other's perception of her "buoyancy device", she can swim.
  • Her cup size is 40K, and her three sizes (in centimeters) are 118-80-93.

Colored version of
Sketch by steveszarka
Colors by chipi

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