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Primal Passion by Desmondfallout

Primal Passion

Running a curious shop isn't as hard as some people might assume. The appeal of an unknown has a way of attracting natural curiosity. That was why when the bells above the front door jingled in signal of a new customer Sorsha didn't react beyond a curious Peking of point ears.

"Good afternoon, Stephanie." The white and pink anthro cat remained focused on the Switch in her paws. The mind reading spell placed over the entrance told her everything about the visitor before they even finished stepping inside. They were not worth diverting attention away from an unprecedented Fortnite kill streak. "I'm Sorsha, cutest wiken this side of Las Vegas. Feel free to browse. This match will be a bit."


Stephanie, the customer in question, was too put off by the lack of professionalism to question how a Skittle-colored girl knew her name. Unlike Sorsha, she was a demi-human; awkwardly scratching long bunny ears while a short tail bristled out of her jeans. Everything else about her looked smooth and human, if more on the tall and curvy side of body types.

Sticking hands into the pockets of her vest, Stephanie strode past the counter to the thunking of heavy boots. Her confused gaze continued to be ignored so she accepted the invitation to wander the old store's aisles. There was still twenty minutes until the next bus and no where better to be.

That notion became highly subjective fast. All the front shelves carried a messy display of junk. Stephanie identified everything from a clothes iron from the eighties to some toys from a fast food chain. This line of unorganized garbage carried almost all the way to the back, where she was suddenly bumping into a glass display case. It’s polished gold and silvers sparkled in the overhead lights like a beacon in this dilapidated sea.

Among the cases crystal shelves sat glass bottles in virtually every color Stephanie knew of. They were fairly small, maybe a few ounces of storage at best, with rounded bases and long necks. Before she could be almost impressed by the bunny girl noticed how all their labels were merely duct tape with barely legible marker scribbles on them. Picking a red bottle at random she almost had to bring it up to her eyes to properly read the words ‘Primal Passion’ on it.

“Perfume?” Stephanie mused allowed while the liquid inside visibly splashed around. She was not one to indulge in such cosmetics often, but curiosity once again took hold. Damn stopper proved to be stuck on unexpectedly tight too. Hopefully the damn thing was not as fragile as it looked. “Ah fuck!”

It figured the damn suctions would give out in a rush. She was unable to catch the bottle as it flung from her hand into her chest, plunging its open mouth into the neck of her vest. Most of its contents splashed across her face while what remained drizzled out onto her breasts. The sudden dampness sent a shiver across the sensitive mounds.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Yanking the bottle out proved too late. The entire thing had drained leaving a dark wet spot across Stephanie's vest and undershirt. “I don’t want to h-have pay for...what the hell!?”

Given Stephanie’s attention was already on her vest’s wet stain she noticed immediately when the fabric gave a peculiar flutter and suddenly billowed outwards. Pressure mounted against her ribcage making it hard to suck in the breath for a startled squeak. It was a no brainer that her breasts were spontaneously growing. The denim warped into near perfect sphere shapes looking like balloons in emphasis of this event.

“T-that was not perfume!? Haaah!!”

A hard shudder sent Stephanie's knees buckling. She staggered forward against the nearest junk shelf for support, face burning in a high fever. Creaks and groans tickled her dropped bunny ears, which she realized was her clothes straining. Everything on her body began to grow, although her bust remained intent on being the largest feature. The top buttons of her vest soon gaze out, allowing soft squishy cleavage to bulge out the neck of her exposed undershirt.

Vest sleeves scrunched up against Stephanie’s shoulders, tightening muscles forcing her to give buffing biceps an involuntary flex. Glutes clenched her butt as the gap between her thighs closed with equally extensive muscle mass. She reached back trying to tug the panty wedgie this caused and yelped when the zipper of her pants broke from excessive hip girth. Swallowing a hard lump the demi-bunny could only watch her gaze slowly rising up over the asiels easily hitting ten feet tall in less than a minute.

The firm ridges of a she-hulk left Stephanie a bit uncertain how to feel, but the looming view of the entire store was kind of cool. She could see all the way to the front counter where Sorsha was glancing up curious about the woman's cries and moans. The catwoman took one look at a suddenly much bigger, busty bunny girl and twisted her muzzle into a scowl.

“Hey! I don’t give free samples around here!”

“I’m sorry, I...hrrk...what was...t-thaaat!?” Stephanie’s own lips twitched from a strange itching sensation in her front teeth. The top pair wiggled and grew, emerging as a pronounced overbite that further exaggerated her part-bunny appeal.

“Ah hell!” A sharp jab of pain struck above Stephanie’s butt sending her hips shaking. Her little nub of a tail waggled violently before exploding into a blossom of thick fur the size of a basketball. She stared at the shaking lump over one shoulder heaving in a sweaty daze. “Isn’t this over yet?”

Loud crunches of metal came in answer. The demi-human glanced down dumbstruck at how her tightening grip on the metal shelf crumpled it like paper under mounting strength. More white fur rapidly grew in a thick mat through the open knuckles of her gloves. Fibers spread in a rapid wave to encase the rest of her hands right before a hard cramp swelled the extremities thrice their size.

“Yeek!” Stephanie recopiled as if she could escape the sudden inflation of her...paws!? She wiggled the thick sausage fingers now joined to rough fuzzy palms. They had lost some of their dexterity but gained really large claws and leather pads on each tip. Even more fur sprouted out of the knuckles, spilling across forearms to stop just shy of the elbow. To any onlooker it might have looked like she was wearing oversized animal gloves.

Another onset of cramps focused on the bunny’s feets, eliciting a frustrated groan. Stephanie doubted she could remove her boots with such monstrous hands, even if the transformation gave her time. Bulges pushed out through the firm leather coverings, rapidly increasing like a boiling pot. The tightening pinch became almost painful when Stephanie felt a pricking in her toes, promptly followed by the loud ripping of emerging black claws. The rest of her feet quickly charged out through these new openings, of course now being unbelievably huge bunny paws.

Giving up hope on saving the footwear, Stephanie bent down to use her hand claws to remove the rest from her bulky legs. Most of the shin muscle became hidden under a sprouting layer of fine white hairs stopping at her knees. At least the rest of her clothes were holding out relatively well, if maybe looking three sizes too small.

“The hell was that stuff?” Stephanie asked, twisting and stretching in curious admiration for her furrier, bulkier body. For all intentions she should have been freaking out. Instead she was fighting this bizarre urge to go for a jog, to South America, and maybe carry a metal shelf or two on her back for the extra cardio.

“Looks like Primal Passion,” Sorsha replied with no effort to hide her bitter anger. “It takes your animal traits and magnifies it several fold, with added amazon strength for fun. Thank god I dilute the hell out of these doses, or you’d be humping what’s left of the building by now.”

“Please don’t give me good ideas,” Stephanie said with a deep blush. Enlarged front teeth bit her lower lip just imagining how hot such a lewd act sounded right now.

“Yeah. Anyway that’ll be fifty bucks.”

“WHAT!?” And that was one way to quickly kill a horny mood. “That was like, two ounces of potion at best.”

“And look what wonders it did ya?” Sorsha raised her eyebrows in a knowing smirk.

Stephanie grumbled a few incoherent replies before reluctantly fishing her wallet out. An act that was made hard with her ass stretching pants pockets flush against its chiseled cheeks. There was really no time to argue with her bus due in a matter of minutes. “Can I atleast get another bottle for my, uh, boyfriend?”

Sorsha paused suddenly curious with hand hovering over Stephanie’s outstretched cash. “You are aware this stuff will give him massive tits too?”

“Even better!”

“Hah! You’re a girl after my own heart.”

A few minutes later Stephanie was back at the stop just in time. She waited patiently for the public transit to roll up, an almost comically small paper bag held delicately in both paw hands. The bunny dared not store it in a pocket less she discovered what a second dose might do to her monster bunny state.

“OW!” She cried upon stepping onto the bus and conking her head upon the top doorway.

It wasn’t just her height. A lot of scrunching and learning forward was required for Stephanie to even get on the bus to pay her fare. Her awkward paw steps echoed loud thuds across the cabin as she awkwardly hopped forward scanning the seats. Long ears dropped against her back seeing most of them were occupied by at least one person, all of which gawked up at the towering half-bunny with fear, or sometimes arousal.

“Um...anyone mind sharing a seat?” She asked, giving her best smile.

Several of the younger, more enthusiastic, guys shot their hands in the air. They probably knew just as well as Stephanie that her butt would need more than one cushion for the long ride home.

Primal Passion


18 May 2020 at 09:28:58 MDT

Stephanie makes a detour waiting for a bus, only to end up sampling some peculiar potions.

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