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10 April 2015 at 22:53:42 MDT

Mentor's away, post Greninja! He can't stop me or disapprove!

In seriousness, sometimes I like to doodle for 15 - 30 minutes every day before I do the more important art stuff. Sometimes I'll scrap it immediately, somethings I'll kinda like it and keep it around to work in more the next day. This is one of those latter examples that I started earlier in the week. Playing with edges, downloaded brushes, saturation, color, etcetc. Nothing too fancy going on here, not even sure if it looks "correct". I had fun with it though! Just a doodle to show I'm still alive outside of the occasional stream. I have something a little more composed coming.

Alchemy + Photoshop
Critiques welcome, despite being a doodle! Enjoy~

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      BRAH? BRUH!!

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    Nice! Greninja's one of my mains in Smash, after Link and Robin. It's cool to see a more realistic depiction of him. Tongue-scarf fo lyfe

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      Yoshi's the only character I am pretty decent at. I want to learn Greninja, but the person I play most often with says I forget 90% of my technique when I play Greninja because I "get overwhelmed and excited about his speed". Trying to reign the character in and learn him! I haven't seen many Robin players -- he was a character I was very interested in playing against (though not play personally; doesn't fit my style of play), but he seems to be so rare to come by. Much respect for playing both of them!

      I'm a sucker for realistic-esque Pokemon. There's always more I could do with this guy to make him more realistic! I may return to the character (Or Bulbasaur! I see your icon. And I looooove its evolutions.) to try and see how much more I could push it. The goal for me is realism that's still recognizable to the game's style.

      Thank you!

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        Yeah, Greninja's speed is definitely something you gotta get used to. I myself sometimes forget that he even has a counter! I've found that the trick to using him is to remember that he's not a combo-heavy character, despite his speed possibly telling you otherwise. It's better (and often safer) to land a good solid hit on your opponent and then retreat to plan your next move. His B specials all facilitate this (Hydro Pump being fast and propelling him a sizable distance, Substitute sending him flying away from your opponent, etc.). Some of his moves can be tricking to hit with (like his back-air A kicks and down-smash), but landing them will put you in a better position next time you go for your opponent. It's also worth noting that Greninja's up-air can totally KO an opponent if they're high up enough on the screen!

        I haven't played with many people online (just a few friends), but it still seems weird to me that Robin doesn't show up often, especially because of how popular Fire Emblem: Awakening is. I guess not a lot of people know how to use them! Which is fair, because you have to play smart with Robin; you gotta know when to use their different tomes, when it's safe to charge Thunder magic, etc. Their air attacks are great; I've KO'ed just as many opponents with Robin's up-air as I have with Thoron or their forward-smash. Also, their down-smash has a little bit of coverage behind Robin as well, so if you're surrounded it's handy in a pinch.

        I think you succeeded at your realism goal pretty well! I don't have much to say on that since I'm not really an artist, but I do know quality when I see it!

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          I try not to use the counter as much as possible. If you miss it, oh god, so many frames to be punished. D: I'm glad that you say not to think of him as too combo-heavy -- I was getting that vibe with the frog, but I wasn't sure if it was the smartest play. I'll have to dump more hours into him. I'm still trying to master Yoshi, though. Need more hours in the day. More hours to Smash.

          Yeah, I see a lot of Yoshis (which bothers me because I guess the community dislikes him in this game? D:), Diddy Kongs (HOO HAH), and a few other "top-tiers" like ZSS and Sonic. But I play For Glory 1v1 only, whether 3DS or Wii U, so maybe that's why. Heh. I should maybe pop back into For Fun for a while when I'm learning Greninja. That might be a better starting point. But yeah, I wouldn't mind fighting your Robin at some point! I've only ever seen one Robin, but GEEEEEZ that guy 2-stocked me consistently. Whether I was goofing around on Bowser (<3) and Greninja (<3!), or actually trying to put up a fight as Yoshi. His moveset is so varied and tough to get around for me when the player knows what's up. But god, those fights were some of the most fun I've had with a random player.

          And awwww, you're too kind. You flatter me. <3 Thank you!!

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            The counter is definitely tricky to use, but it's very effective if you can manage it - I've KO'ed a fair few people with it, it's pretty great. I've never played with Yoshi much, but I've heard horror stories about frighteningly good Yoshi players, so I figure they must be onto something.

            I would totally be down for some matches with you! It's been a while since I've played with anyone online. I'll message you with my Friend Code if you want, and then we can go toe-to-toe. I must warn you, though - my main isn't Robin or Greninja; I've been maining Link since the N64 days, and I like to think I'm pretty good with him. =p

            And you're welcome!

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              That's okay. I do need practice against projectile players. So it'll be good! My Yoshi struggles so badly against solid defense, whether that's just odd movesets like Robin's or projectiles like Link's. And if you ever wanted to try an off-character, I would be glad to switch to Greninja or Bowser to get more practice in with them. I'm not online commonly on my 3DS nor my Wii U, so if you want to set aside time for smashing, you may need to message me a day in advance? And I can try and be online if I can. Unless you're okay with sharing Skype info too!

              2191 7828 5468 is my code. (And anyone lurking along, reading this conversation is welcome to add yourself into the mix too. I will play you too!)

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                I'm actually pretty busy with school stuff until the semester ends in a couple weeks (prob'ly shoulda mentioned that earlier!), but sure, I wouldn't mind sharing my skype info with you, for when I do have some free time; it'd make things easier. I'll message you with my info posthaste!