Shark dragon adopts~ by Deezmo

Shark dragon adopts~


20 July 2014 at 04:06:02 MDT

I really liked the previous adopt batch I did, this species more than the rest. Yeah shark dragons aren't new, an I don't feel all that great making cookie-cutter adopts but I was getting fiddly with work art an always need the coin so here we go..

$15 each, AUD currency an paypal only.

NOT AN AUCTION, just tell me what one you want in a comment an it's yours.
~No claming you made it
~Do not resell unless its for 15 or lower
~CAN change whatever you want about them/gender/markings etc
~If you post it, give cred please
~If you get art done of them show me? ^^ I think it would be awesome to see what peoples do with their adoptables hehe x3
~If you want a ref page, it's an extra $55 an it will be simplistic.

ADOPTABLE INFO {because it was fun lol}
Shark dragons, most live their whole lives deep underwater but some few have genetic "disorders" that give them unique personalities and abilities from the norm.
Any of these would make a great travel companion.
BE ADVISED: These are not pocket pets and require training/constant care.

  • Retro-Plex [ADOPTED]
    Ability: Speed
    Personality: Hyper

  • Shooter
    Ability: Fireball Spitter
    Personality: Aggressive

*Fluff [ADOPTED]
Ability: Floats/levitates
Personality: Sassy

*Hidden [ADOPTED]
Ability: Poisonous/venomous
Personality: Shy

Submission Information

Visual / Digital


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    Damn two or so US dollars short on my card. Would have wanted to get Retro-plex

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      10 is fine ^^

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        Any news on the adoptables? Is Retro-plex still open to be bought? I didn't see you replied until today, so I'm sorry for the long wait.

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          Yea no ones nabbed him yet. Just send 10AUD to:
          An I'll email you the hi res to that addy you used to pay.

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            I sent the payment to your paypal and that is the email that you can send the hires too. If it doesn't say what the email is I'll note you it here as well.