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[Commissions Open!] June and I are going to Japan! by deervvitch

[Commissions Open!] June and I are going to Japan!


Hello darlings!

If you have not heard about this on my twitter, where i do not shut up (@deervvitch) - June and I are taking our first long vacation as adults and it's to: JAPAN omg!!!

We're going to Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka, with a day trip to Nara of course.

Thanks to both of us having full time jobs, the budget is already accounted for, but I'd really like if we had some more fun money so we can do something special like a kaiseki course :D

I am opening for a variety of commissions, along with something very special - a Japanese postcard level! As June and I will be taking a few shinkansen trips, I thought it'd be fun to fill out postcards during that time! So if you'd like a special doodle sent to your house, now's the time!

Keep an eye on my twitter for pictures, and June will be bringing a sound recorder for samples, so some of those are sure to make their way into her music sooner or later~

Commissions will be open until Wednesday, Oct 9th in the afternoon - That's June's birthday and we're leaving the next day!

My commission form is found here: Commission Form

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