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SEXCOM 2 Enemy Within Comic by DBLinda

SEXCOM 2 Enemy Within Comic


The future, humanity is at war with monstrous aliens and on a distant world Captain Jane Hoskins led a successful resistance cell. But then a raid to rescue a captive Doctor goes terribly wrong because the Doctor is a traitor and Jane was captured instead…

Tortured by the pervert lesbian Doctor Jane was forced to give up the location of the resistance base, and now the vile scientist is leading a strike to get the rebels… Soon Jane’s soldiers will join her in captivity, bound by alien technology and menaced by the vile Doctor’s evil science…

Impregnated, tortured, milked by machine and used by a pervert so vile she betrayed her own race they will suffer as no women have suffered before… Can Jane escape and save her friends or are they all doomed to slavery at the alien’s hands, read Sexcom 2 and find out…

Download (ADULT´S ONLY) here: