So You are Looking for a Mentor? by DavidWasHere

So You are Looking for a Mentor?


23 September 2017 at 10:10:15 MDT

"Your looking for someone to help you figure out who you are, eh? Well you are cute. I don't see why not~"

Seems that James and Trenton are getting along well~

This is one of the ideas I had when I created Trenton, giving my croc character, James, a person who can help him with his gay identity. This one I did make because of something personal, I am not going to lie, but also why not give crocco a friend after like two years after I made him ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Trying out more color theory practice. The bar is based on the brown colored wall, so you can tell that the colors have a more darker color to them, especially with the Pride flag in the background. I think it turned out okay but I do know I have a long way to go. Also used Clip Paint Studio again. I'm going to try and use it for lineart this year for school since the labs are free for use for students.






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