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Taking Flight (2/5) by DataPacRat

Taking Flight (2/5)


31 March 2020 at 21:40:18 MDT

In the future I'm envisioning, a lot of present-day problems are no more troublesome than arranging ice for one's ice-box is today. Enough experience has been gained with technology and social institutions that the median person can make all the preparations they want for short-term and long-term survival, and for any reasonably likely emergencies... and still have enough resources left for personal enjoyment. Like taking up a hobby, such as indulging in a form of physical exercise that's not quite a sport.

I'm also indulging in the fantasy that humanity gets enough industrial capacity installed outside Earth to start bootstrapping into full-scale colonies, some of which have good-sized, air-filled volumes in freefall. (Elon Musk may not be D.D. Harriman, but is a reasonably close approximation for our timeline; and the 1970's proposals to build solar-power satellites may have fallen victim to improved solar cells and batteries down here on Earth, but since this is all hopeful imagining, I can imagine that somebody came up with /some/ reason to lift the initial set of hardware into orbit.)

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