Exascale 2/6 - Viva! by DataPacRat

Exascale 2/6 - Viva!


5 March 2019 at 20:25:48 MST

What you aren't seeing are the massive networking cables neatly bundled up in the rear - after all, a brain, even a virtual one, needs lots of long-distance connectivity to work. You're also not seeing all the work she has to do to pay for her electricity consumption and hardware depreciation; or all the competition she now has from other emulated minds that drive down em-labour costs. An em running at 10 times realtime speeds now needs to spend less than 10 years of minimum-wage income on their survival needs, and the cost to run an em continues to drop, meaning they're cheap enough to compete with regular humans at white-collar work. And since all their luxuries are virtual, the market is warping as new companies cater to provide their own needs, like secure server space and easily-copied VR delicacies, as opposed to suburban bungalows and restaurants. You thought self-driving vehicles would lead to a shock in employment as truck drivers went the way of buggy-whip makers? You ain't seen nothing yet.