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Rainbow Dash Shares Her New Book by Darktailskp

Rainbow Dash Shares Her New Book


14 June 2015 at 17:14:24 MDT

This is my half of a art trade with and he says he likes it so hope you do too guys. ^^ This is the 5Th size and that's because wanted the book cover to be see-able, btw the cover is by

Would've redrawn it but....I think it's better the way it is, if you want to see the other 4 sizes (which are smaller) download them, also I did use 2 bases for RD and Twi

credit to them, I added Twi's magical aura under her mane as to be honest...I think that looks better and the show animators should try that, not gonna rant tho just I fine the aura better under the mane just like the horn is. And Balazsbali requested Twi as a Unicorn btw, so no "why isn't she a Alicorn?" questions. ^^; Anyways hope you all enjoy it.

EDIT: If you wanna see this as it's full size just download it, all 5 sizes are downloadable.