Dealing at Confuzzled 2019! Table E-20! by DarkOverord

Dealing at Confuzzled 2019! Table E-20!


12 May 2019 at 15:57:26 MDT

Hey, going to Confuzzled? Me too!

Like buying things? Well good news I'm selling stuff! On top of doing sketches at the con and taking commissions to do after the con, I've also got some stickers and prints of the Divine Terminus/Void Termina BG pic I did last year!

The stickers are transparent as the png I posted they're just on a white BG haha.

Also apologies the photo is a little duff, thought I had good lighting but my phone LIED

Speaking of Confuzzled. If you still need a badge I'm still open for them however I can only really take on one or two more if I want to get them done and printed before CFz! Check here for more info: