I'm a warrior (by kaitofletcher) by dark_nz

I'm a warrior (by kaitofletcher)


23 May 2014 at 22:00:50 MDT

I'm not the kind of girl to do what I'm s'posed to
Yeah, I'm a rebel yeah, Imma a rogue soldier
No this ain't over
That's what I told ya
I just want me some more
I'm gon' take it for sure

Watch me cut my way through the barbed wire
I'm not a quitter, I walk right-right through the fire
No, this ain't over
That's what I told ya

Crushing all enemies
Fighting for you and me

Can you hear the battle cry in the distance
A thousand armies of me marchin' round the world
to the beat of the drum
I'm gon' keep pushing on
till I get what I want

Coz I'm a warrior
I'm gonna fight for your love
I'm a warrior
I'm never gonna give up
Coz I'm a warrior
Yeah-eh, yeah-eh, yeah-eh
I'm a warrior
yeah, yeah, yeah
I'm gonna break these walls around you
anything to put my arms around you
Coz I'm a warrior
Yeah-eh, yeah-eh, yeah-eh
I'm a warrior
yeah, yeah, yeah

Character design adopted from the excellent kaitofletcher
Original at FA: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/13457284/

Shaz'Dolai race © kaitofletcher, please do not make one without permission.

So this is my new character, a Shaz'Dolai warrior by the name of Valeria. I wanted an in universe friend for Sylva, so expect to see them hanging out together sometime~ ^v^

Name: Valeria
Gender: Female
Race: Shaz'Dolai
Occupation: Warrior

General info from original auction pasted below.

The Shaz'Dolai are related ancestrally to the other Shaz races, however, the Dolai are much more primal and bestial.

This Shaz' Dolai is a female warrior, females are generally only regarded as females if they are anything but warriors. Warriors are generally thought of as the masculine ones and thus it is acceptable for female warriors to mate with either gender, even though it's possible for their to be no spawn.

They are ocean dwelling mammals, capable of breathing both air and water, living on land or in the ocean, though prefer to be in the warmer waters of the tropics where they hunt fish and gather kelp.

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