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Post-Baby Allure - By Cheudl by darkflamewolf

Post-Baby Allure - By Cheudl


Murana struggled with post-baby blues. It's not uncommon for many mothers to feel some sense of loss and deprivation regarding the absence of a baby in their belly. It's a struggle that could takes weeks, months or even years to recover from. It isn't something to be handled lightly, but given plenty of understanding and support. It was even worse for Murana because of the child she bore that sported a tailmaw - an unusual feature quite unlike anything else in the known world. She felt she had lost what was her true child and gained something altogether different as a replacement. It was a difficult time for the Wolford family. Over time, she was nudged by her then husband Anthony to focus her mind on other pursuits to better herself. One of those was working out and getting back into shape after giving birth. It took a few scant months, but she was back into her form-fitting vigilante suit like she hadn't gained any weight at all. It wasn't much, but it was something to be proud about. Getting back to her pre-pregnancy form was a sort of pride and accomplishment for Murana and it made her feel just a bit better about herself. It also helped Anthony as well, having to take care of their child, was a lot easier with a happier wife around.

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