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Bad Science - By Free-Opium by darkflamewolf

Bad Science - By Free-Opium


Although Kanya could handle plants, could make them grow and flourish or wither and die, she always was curious if she could extend that power's reach beyond the scope of her physical presence. She needed to actually be present to manipulate anything flora within a certain radius of her person, but once she left the area, the plants were left in the condition or state she last put them in. So, she was curious if she could maintain some of her influence when she wasn't around, like for example reforesting an area that had been devastated by wildfire. She could just rebuild it back up herself, but it was draining, annoying and if there were no seeds to germinate within the soil, it'd be a near fruitless endeavor. There were limitations to what she could do. She turned then to alchemy and science, experimenting in the art of chemical manipulation to see if her magic combined with interesting fluids and substances could mimic what she could do for a set time. Unfortunately, not all of those experiments ended in success and some were quite horrific to witness or in some case, feel, if the plants got too rowdy. Thankfully, she still had that power to control them, so eventually she got the unfortunate situation handled, it just took some extra time to calm down the result of her failures.

Artist: Free-Opium -

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