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That Stick Isn't For You! - By Moonabel by darkflamewolf

That Stick Isn't For You! - By Moonabel


A fun commission that one of my book fans suggested. Does Ahya play fetch? Well, she's not really a dog. However, that isn't to say she doesn't derive pleasure out of simple things. Sometimes the act of picking stuff up in her maw is stimulating to her and it can be one of the few ways she can play with Taylor when she's bored. It's simple, but it works for Ahya. It can be quite dull sitting in the park, unable to do much except wait for Taylor to finish reading her book on a lazy Soonlag afternoon. Granted, Ahya can partially see what's going on around her via the sound waves hitting her, but sometimes when it gets too quiet, it's almost like she's blind and in the dark. So, when she thumps her head on the bench, she can get an updated view of the world around her. Unfortunately, it just so happens someone threw a stick in the air for their pet to fetch and Ahya got a good look at it moving through space. Excited for the game with Taylor, Ahya surges after the thrown stick, taking an unsuspecting Taylor along for the ride!

Artist: Moonabel -

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