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I'm Not a Nerd, Just Well Educated - By Millkydad by darkflamewolf

I'm Not a Nerd, Just Well Educated - By Millkydad


In the Legend of Ahya book series, Natalia has been seen being a badass - a mercenary who has no qualms with killing or getting the job done. She's efficient in combat and skilled in many forms of weaponry and tactics. But we've also seen her care deeply for her friends and family and that she'll go to any lengths to take care of them, this can be seen by how she plays older sister to several characters throughout the series. One aspect I've yet to show and I'm excited to write for is her nerdy side and how she's very book smart, but the one passion she has over most everything else is weapons. She's a gun nut. She's a sword nut. She's a tank nut. She's a history nut for all things warfare. She may not necessarily like engaging in battle or getting involved in wars, but she is fascinated by and can tell you the entire background history for every single piece of gun, sword, armor, military vehicle or what have you. Don't get her started unless you really are interested, because she'll get excited and talk your ear off about all of it!

Art Done by: Millkydad - FurAffinity Account:

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