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Friends Make the Summer - By Ruolina by darkflamewolf

Friends Make the Summer - By Ruolina


A picture that has been in the works for over two years... perhaps more! It all began with a calendar on Dark Side. It was a calendar focusing on all the prominent (read: active) males in the server with their OC characters doing a sort of sexy pin-up for every month of the year. It was popular and a great success. We wanted to do the same with all the female OCs of the active participants in the server, alas, there wasn't enough to cover all the months of the year (this was also before my Ari, Marle, Natalia, Avora and Kanya characters to give you context). Too much sausage, not enough tacos! Haha!

Still, we decided to do something less ambitious and just do a single picture with a bunch of bikini-clad butts on the beach of all the active female OCs on Dark Side (NSFW version was in flux, but we ultimately decided against it). Not to get into too much detail, but it got messy and quick. It had to be cancelled. About six months later, prior to 2021 summer, a small group of me, Ruolina, Stripe103 and Antrvin got together in a group DM to discuss our own, private beach butt pic. It was supposed to be completed that summer, but Ruolina swamped herself with a lot of commissions at the time and it got delayed considerably. However, one summer later this year in 2022, the picture is finally done and Ruolina is opening for commissions again with a revamped system of work to make things go faster! A wonderful piece all said and done of good friends and a wonderful set of ladies! Enjoy!

Ruolina's cat {Center}, Ruo - Owned by artist herself

Stripe103's fox {Right of Center}, Rosie - Owned by

Antrvin's honey badger {Far Right}, Letora and tailmaw, Sher - Owned by

Artist: Ruolina -