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Doesn't Bother Me At All - By Amarihel by darkflamewolf

Doesn't Bother Me At All - By Amarihel


Kanya bore the brunt of many purges and massacres of her kind and those who could wield magic. The lack of fur crisscrossing her back was evidence of this hatred. Although the pain of those marks had faded, the long lasting results of their lashes forever stained her psyche. It was in the quiet moments of rain and solitude where she took comfort in knowing that those who persecuted her and others like her were long since dead. Having a longer life than most, she was able to outlive and outlast anyone and she took some small solace in knowing that while she was still alive despite it all. They couldn't hurt her any longer and she was free to live her life and continue to enjoy the world she so loved, as damaged and as lost as it was.

Artist: Amarihel -