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The Feel of Victory - By Pakwan008 by darkflamewolf

The Feel of Victory - By Pakwan008


Minor spoilers below - be warned.

The war was over, for better or for worse. Things could get back to normalcy in some form. The Wolford family and friends had a moment to breathe, relax and do simple things like working out and training their bodies at the gym. It was the simple pleasures in life that could be focused on once more. Taylor had been to the gym a few times in the past when she was younger with her mom, but had no need to go to one since. Marle and Max convinced her to go and Jake decided to tag along. Steven, having been a bit buffer in his younger days, when he was competing with his brother for the biggest abs, wanted to get back into it. Seeing as everyone else was going, Ari sighed and said she'd go too, but didn't see the point in it. She was fit enough as it was. In the end, everyone had fun and the girls enjoyed a moment of victory over their wrestling partners... not like it seemed the guys minded.

Artist: Pakwan008 -