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Figure of Prophecy - By Purrchinyan by darkflamewolf

Figure of Prophecy - By Purrchinyan


I saw this YCH and I immediately knew Taylor and Ahya would be a perfect fit for it. Unfortunately, it was quite lewd and didn't lend itself well to them as characters. So in discussing with the artist, they were more than willing to remove the nude elements, dress Taylor up and change the concept of the YCH to something more akin to events that would be happening in book 3 of Taylor's series. If you do not want to spoil yourself further about what's going to happen in the future, do not read below. For now, just enjoy the beauty that is Taylor and Ahya dressed up as a princess!

Dragged in bondage through the wilderness and into the southern country of Talkar, Taylor was helpless against the forces who sought her, once again, for her unique powers and ability to change the Script. However, a supposedly fortuitous encounter with an old acquaintance delivered her from the clutches of those who would seek to exploit her. She was delivered onto the reptiles and was heralded as a figure of divine prophecy. Taylor did not understand what was going on nor why she was so important to the reptiles in Talkar, despite them having been enemies of the mammals for as long as she could remember. Still, she couldn't deny that she appreciated being dressed up to the nines as an elegant princess and treated like royalty. It was a tad uncomfortable and felt odd to be pampered like this after years of being treated like a freak or some science experiment, however she was not going to turn down this exquisite opportunity. Still, her acquaintance warned her to be wary of the reptiles. Just because she was a figure of prophecy didn't mean she was in friendly territory. If she did not fulfill the prophecy about her and accomplish what the reptiles expected from her, her lofty position would swiftly crumble. What then would become of her and Ahya then in that scenario? What then of her unborn cubs now growing within her belly?

Artist: Purrchinyan -

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