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Curiosity Surprised the Roo - By Eleacat by darkflamewolf

Curiosity Surprised the Roo - By Eleacat


6 June 2021 at 14:33:44 MDT

The start of my friendship with GreyShores actually began with them reaching out to compliment and praise my character, Taylor Renee and her tailmaw, Ahya. Grey was quite enamored with Taylor and through our talks and initial bonding got to learn more about Murana, Taylor's mother. Grey was even more captivated by the mom which ultimately let to the collaboration art/story thing we got going with their Kyra and my Murana. However, they still had a fondness for Taylor and her loveable tailmaw. Her design, after all, was what drew Greyshores to me in the first place and now we have this great friendship from it! Two creatives sharing ideas, thoughts and future story plots!

Kyra always wanted to be in the lives of Murana and Taylor and I could truly see Kyra dying to meet the unique daughter of her current romantic crush the moment she discovered that Taylor had a unique tail. The thought of another mammal out there being uniquely different like Kyra entranced her and she was eager to meet this young teenager that called Murana, Mom. Taylor, for all her attributes, was being a typical teenager and was polite, yet standoffish to the visitor of her mother's. Like all visitors, they were strangers to her and her tail was freakish. Best to keep distance and not scare them off if they didn't know about Ahya. However, Kyra came prepared and seemed to be goading the tail to show itself through subtle signs and taps on the couch as Kyra attempted to make casual small talk with the moody teenager. At last, Ahya couldn't be held back any longer and sought to investigate this new visitor. Kyra was taken aback and was delightfully surprised to discover that all the rumors of Murana's daughter were true and she loved it! Kyra would have to grill Murana later about how Taylor came about, but she was satisfied that there was someone else out there with unique attributes unlike their kind like her.

Artist: EleaCat -

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