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Pulling Her Punches - By ThePakshi by darkflamewolf

Pulling Her Punches - By ThePakshi


2 April 2021 at 08:13:35 MDT

Another pleasant surprise by Greyshores with the continuation of the story and friendship between my Murana and their Kyra! Keeping with the same visual style as the previous image, they hired the same artist to do the next few images in sequence and it is my job to link them together with a cohesive and fun story! As stated before, I have no idea what is coming next or what Greyshores has planned for Murana and Kyra and I need to be ready to write on the fly what happens next based on the image! So, it's a fun game of surprise and response between me and Greyshores! Enjoy the second entry in the ongoing story!

Murana had lost count of the weeks it had been since she met Kyra that one fateful day in the 'Fit Me' Gym. Since their meeting, they linked up together nearly every day to hit the weights, run the treadmills, punch the sandbags and more. They alternated their routine daily and it was a refreshing breath of fresh air. The usual guys who would normally be harassing or trying to hit on Murana eventually disappeared as the two backed each other up and gave them death glares until they went away. It was so exhilirating to finally be able to enjoy working out for once and having a wonderful friend to do it with.

They kept up their daily rountine of hitting up the local cafes or restaurants in the area after workouts to get some healthy meals to refuel their bodies -- Kyra getting so comfortable now in Murana's presence that she dropped all pretense of her massive metabolic needs and ate guilt free in front of the wolf several plates of food. Murana knew the large kangaroo felt ashamed at first for splurging so badly the first few times while Murana just had a dainty salad and power shake, but the wolf insisted that her needs might be different than Kyra's and Kyra should get what her body needs after a demanding workout. They both enjoyed this non-judgmental atmosphere between them and it only endeared them to each other more.

The two also started up another routine: the 'Ask Me Anything' talks that they'd have over lunch. They didn't want who they were or their past to interfere with their workout times in the gym, but afterwards they agreed to reveal one thing personal about themselves. One new detail every day. In this way they didn't exhaust all the topics between them. This turned out to be a fantastic way to break the ice between them and get to know each other better as friends and not just workout partners.

The most interesting fact Kyra discovered about Murana was that she was a mother to two adopted boys, a skunk and a raccoon. The most interesting fact Murana discovered about Kyra was that her anatomy was... more unique than most. Kyra was very shy and nervous about saying so, giving how some might view her as odd. Murana just found it charming and said Kyra was still a beautiful female worthy of respect, but Kyra could notice the blush on Murana's face as she was doing the same.

One day during their normal punching bag session, Kyra looked over to the boxing ring and inclined her head over to it. "Hey, Mura, what say you and me spar a few rounds in the ring?" She had a cheeky, cocky grin on her face. She had been obviously wanting to do this with Murana for a long time.

Murana called her bluff and smirked at her. "Don't underestimate my size, girl. I could wipe the floor with you in there." She bared her teeth playfully.

Kyra took the bait and was eager for the fight. "Let's go then!" She was practically panting for it.

They suited up and put their gloves on and ducked through the ring cords. In a flash they were boxing, bobbing and weaving. The large roo got some good hits in on Murana, but it was clear the wolf wasn't exactly giving it her all. Sure, she was dodging a lot of what Kyra was dishing out, but the impacts each of her jabs made on her muscular body weren't doing much damage.

"Come on! Is that all you got?" Kyra chuckled, bearing down on the petite wolf.

"Just getting started!" Murana ducked low the first jab and surged in to tackle Kyra around the waist.

The two were in a heated, impromptu wrestling match, rolling around on the floor with limbs flailing and gripping onto each other. Both were panting hard and trying to get the upperpaw on the other. Kyra looked to be enjoying this greatly, seemingly catching herself when her paws wandered a bit too much. She needed to focus on the fight at hand and not the lovely vision of a wolf within her grasp. Just like that, the wolf was gone, having rolled out from under her and kicked her severely in the butt, laughing.

"Give up yet?" Murana chuckled, looking proud of herself.

Kyra pointed an accusing finger at her. "I knew it. There was no way anyone could have gotten out of that stranglehold. You're holding out on me!"

"I am not." Murana laughed, putting her paws on her knees and bending low to catch her breath.

Kyra narrowed her eyes. "You are. Come at me. Everything you got, Mura. I want to see what you can do!" She rose up in a defensive stance, ready for the next round.

Murana was incredulous. "You sure?"

She felt nervous about unleashing her full skill on the roo. Kyra was her good friend now and what she was asking for was something akin to how she fought on the streets as a vigilante against criminals her size and larger. She didn't want to hurt Kyra.

Seeing as she wasn't going to back down, Murana just sighed. "Have it your way."

Kyra was thrilled and roared in to dominate the wolf, but then suddenly she lost track of where Murana went. She felt two punches to the side, then the back, then back front in the stomach. Keeling over from the blow there, she felt a full uppercut to the chin followed by a wrapping of legs around her neck as Murana used her momentum to twirl the roo in the air 360 degrees before slamming to the mat facedown, tearing up part of her gym clothes.

Murana bounced back lightly, hopping from foot to foot, as she smiled. "Ha! Was that enough for ya?!" It took a few moments for her to realize Kyra was slow to get up, blood dripping from her nose and mouth. "Kyra? Oh gods... Kyra? Are you okay?!"

Kyra was groggy and hurting all over. She did not expect Murana to be so agile and brutal. There was hidden danger within that small body of hers and Kyra sorely underestimated her opponent. She rubbed her cheek as she sat up slowly. "Ow... I think... I think I'm done for today."

Murana wasn't having any of it. She could tell something was wrong when the roo had trouble getting up. Maybe she had hit Kyra's vitals too strongly and there was internal damage? Now Murana was a wreck that she beat up her workout partner. Holding back tears, she dialed the emergency line and the ambulance was there within minutes. Murana assured Kyra she needed to pay for none of the cost and she'd cover the ambulance bill. Kyra never did ask the question where Murana got all her money from.

To Kyra's surprise, Murana hopped into the ambulance stating she was a family friend. She sat beside her as they zoomed off towards the hospital. She held Kyra's hand in her own. "You feeling okay?"

Kyra groaned a bit, but smiled. "You hit like a freaking piston, Mura." She laughed a bit, but stopped as it hurt the ribs. "I misjudged you. Remind me to prepare myself better when I ask you to go all out next time."

"I don't think there will be a next time. I'm sorry I even did this to you. I didn't mean to hurt you." She squeezed the roo's paw.

Kyra just looked at the small wolf beside her with something akin to longing. "Don't worry about it. It's been one of the best things to happen to me recently, meeting you, that is. If my gym hadn't been closed for repairs, I probably would have never ventured out to find a new one and then met you."

Murana recalled suddenly. "Oh right, wasn't that supposed to take several months to repair?"

Kyra nodded. "Yeah. It's actually been done for over a month now. I met you exactly 3 months, 2 weeks and 4 days ago."

Murana blushed not knowing what to say. "You kept track of the time?"

"I did. I enjoyed your company so much, I didn't want to go back to my gym. I was comfortable here in this one, with you. You're a great, wonderful and beautiful friend, Mura." She put her other paw on top of Murana's and held it there. Murana just looked down, not knowing what to do. Where would this take them next? Where will their friendship go from here?

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Kyra owned by GreyShores - FurAffinity Account:

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