Ari's Wrath - By ThePakshi by darkflamewolf

Ari's Wrath - By ThePakshi


11 February 2020 at 12:48:37 MST

At long last, I can unveil one of the villains of the first book, the tortoise/crocodile mix daughter of the Arbiter: Ariana (or Ari for short). She is a no-nonsense female who seeks to complete the mission given to her, using methods and cunning to outwit her prey that is Taylor! This is a scene inspired by one of the action sequences I have already written in book 1, but this specific encounter will most likely happen in book 2 at some point. Although hard to tell, she has a cybernetic eye that has replaced her left one and it comes with a variety of functions that will aid her in her task. She also boasts a special ability that she is using here in this shot that will be expanded upon in greater detail in the books themselves. I hope to make her just as dynamic as Taylor and complex as a character to where she isn't just all bad, nor is she good, but in a varying degree of grey. I have big plans for this character, the one whom I plan to be as a counterpoint to Taylor.

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