First Date Folly - By DourDoofus by darkflamewolf

First Date Folly - By DourDoofus


22 July 2018 at 04:35:37 MDT

So the inevitability of growing up is finding a mate and/or partner to live with for the remainder of your life. It was one such fear of Taylor's parents that the very nature of her tail might prevent many a prospective boyfriend from dating her - what, with its penchant for possibly instantly dissolving it's meals inside itself with its jelly which can turn into corrosive acid within seconds. A very scary proposition whenever they sent their daughter out on dates, hoping and praying that they didn't get some police call later that night that there had been a mysterious disappearance of some poor sap who took a fancy to Taylor. The first lesson to be learned for any potential suitors is never to surprise Taylor or approach her from the back without announcing themselves first - doing so will spark the attention and interest from her tail which she might not have the awareness to control if she did not know that they are there. Ah well, lesson learned for this poor bloke!

Artist: DourDoofus -

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    'Medical to holo deck one.' *pause. 'Yes her tail ate another person again.'

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      This isn't exactly canon, but it was a fun idea to entertain in comic form.