Blowing on a Wish - By Tosha V_Smile by darkflamewolf

Blowing on a Wish - By Tosha V_Smile


11 July 2018 at 19:05:18 MDT

All growing up, Taylor's parents did not want her to feel different or like an outcast because of her unusual tail and other defining features. To this end, they did their best to provide for Taylor plenty of events and activities that most other normal children would receive to better help her transition through the ages and through school. Despite this, Taylor always knew she was different. She appreciated her parents for trying to make her childhood as mundane as possible, but it is kinda hard to maintain that when you have a ravenous tail maw. For her fifth birthday, she wished for some degree of control over her own tail, which was becoming increasingly more and more rabid and harder to restrain. It was shortly after this birthday wish that she came up with a name for her tail, Ahya. It was not until she officially named her tail and began calling it that, that it began to listen to her and started treating itself like a part of her body rather than a separate entity - a huge milestone in her life and a birthday wish granted.

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