Treasure Hunters by DancingVulture

Treasure Hunters


15 January 2018 at 11:44:02 MST

"Treasure Hunters"
The pair of scavengers shifted through the old machine, dusting off moss and dirt to get to the once moving parts underneath.
"I wonder what this was used for?" the amber-eyed scavenger wondered aloud, pulling on a long wire that protruded from the bottom of the Big Old Thing.
"Who cares? As long as it's worth something, take it!" the blue-eyed scavenger replied, taking a seat on top of the Thing.
That was what treasure hunting was about, after all.
This one-of-a-kind piece of artwork sports needle felted vultures by hand entirely out of wool, with sturdy, detailed heads, hands, and feet are sculpted from apoxie clay, and glass eyes. The scavengers' bodies are felted over a wire skeleton.
"Treasure Hunters" makes a great gift for anyone who enjoys vultures, unique pieces of art, wildlife, or all of the above! My mixed media art dolls are one-of-a-kind pieces of artwork, and are not intended for children.
SIZE: 6" tall, 6" deep, 6" wide
MATERIALS: wool, wire, apoxie clay, acrylic paint, glass eyes, wooden base, and repurposed parts
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Holy smokes, it's been a while! Figured I would submit a few of my bigger pieces here from time to time. I'm shocked I haven't even uploaded these guys? I guess 2017 had me even quieter than usual!

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