[P] Character Sheet: Spacepuppy - Pinpoint by DampfLoque

[P] Character Sheet: Spacepuppy - Pinpoint


28 April 2021 at 12:26:07 MDT

So @Art_of_Ileyeah on Twitter got their own species for anyone to create characters of. To be brutally honest this is one species that's totally vibin' with me. It looks so alien but somehow familiar, take a look at their twitter feed with even more species, it's worth it. Also the lore around it is very cool and quite something to dive into, just had to hop onto that wagon.

Also their biologic gender works quite differently, so in case you wonder there is none given on the sheet.

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    Always enjoyed Bloodhoundomega's art. Nice to see others enjoy it, too.

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      Yeah, I find BHO's artwork so very unique, also was one of the first furry artists I've found when their sona was still a Werewolf. Having changed their sona around their own universe totally got me back at it. Gotta maybe do artwork with my Hounds and the sports synth :D

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        Yep, also found him back when he was a werewolf. Then he went further, created a new species and a universe of his own. Given that's my own creative muse, really enjoyed seeing his art grow in that direction.