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Doodle Dump 30 by Daaberlicious

Doodle Dump 30


This one got a little silly in that left side there...
Thanks for following me! You can find individual versions of the doodles if you browse my gallery-
For now, it's traditional to post these larger doodle pages!

Featuring Lillith from Dreamkeepers, and Loffet, Merida and Ebonique- Characters from FalloutFox.
All other characters are mine! ^^


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    have you ever directly discussed Rose's background? where she came from? or more specifically, why she left? all I know is that apparently not eating people (or not digesting people, to be more pedantic) is an uncommon life choice for her race.

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      Eating people for food is considered murder among Furtums, and I contend personally that it should be-
      Though I shouldn't be surprised you came to the conclusion that it was normal for her species. We do in fact have only one example.

      As for her background, I've not yet gone into it but I suspect it will come up gracefully in the comic proper at some point soon.
      There is a blurb on Furtums available on the website's lore section.