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8 February 2014 at 02:40:45 MST

Decided to draw a banner while most chatlands have server issues.
For the record, lava is fun as heck to make. (:
Below is just a bunch of junk on the chatland, you can ignore it or read it. Doesn't matter nwn

Bittersweet Symphony is a 2D chatland that's been open to the public since May 21st, 2012. The chatland is a user friendly chatland with a nature theme. The name 'Bittersweet Symphony' came from the general idea of the bitterness within the wilderness and the sweet pleasures of nature, both of which flow well like a symphony would. The hardships or 'circle of life' if you will perfectly harmonizes with the good times, such as seeing and deer and it's young grazing in the grass. So if you thought of a song when you heard the name, you're on a different path then the chatland's general idea. Back to our user friendly aspect, over the years I'm sure most of you, as well as myself, have seen people argue; throw insults and be overall harsh towards one another.

That was always an issue with me, being insulted will send anyone into a foul mood. Bittersweet Symphony is a place where you can be sure that will never happen. At least, try to anyways. The administration team works hard to make everyone feel welcomed and wanted, we treat one another like family and work to keep the conversations flowing. We want every user to be welcomed and treated respectfully, like you would a loved one or family member.

A plus to our user friendly atmosphere, every single room is now a designated role play area. Whilst this is true, we can not assure everyone will be willing to roleplay with you, or acknowledge your 'character'. We do intend on keeping everyone involved and welcomed, but we can't promise we'll role play with every user who comes around. Everyone here is welcomed and helped as thoroughly as they wish to be, If any problems arise feel free to contact an admin.

The administration team wants this to feel like a home to you, So help us make it your home!

Want more information on the background of the chatland? Read below.

Bittersweet Symphony was originally a silly fantasy by a group of friends, Ciara, Alex, Priscilla and Dallas [me!]. We were in one of my personal rooms on a 2D chatland by the name of Wolfhome, talking about what we could do if we had a chatland. At first we were talking about the power we’d have, but then we really started to think about it. What’s one thing you notice the most about Wolfhome? People are bashed, called names and there’s foul language all around. There were children of shockingly young ages as well, and the hate going around the chatland was never favored by any of us.

We have all had our fair share of hatred directed at us and were sick of it. So we all threw in our hand to help put the chat together. We got a lot of work done in a surprisingly fast time, then we started to drift apart. Alex didn’t come on anymore, therefore was demoted. About a year later, Ciara and I weren’t friends anymore. Priscilla and I went through many rough patches, but became friends once again. Currently, I am the only original admin still a part of Bittersweet Symphony.

The Bittersweet Symphony administration team currently consists of three users, Blight [myself] being the owner, Troubadour the co-owner and Sweetclaw as a beta. The chatland has been up and running publicly since May 21st of 2012, as said above in our little introduction. We plan on being there for many years to come, hopefully gain some users along the way. We don’t try to be the most popular, just the most friendly and as supportive as we can be. The chatland's goal is to make everyone feel welcomed and be like a big family.

Want to join our family? Feel free and follow the link below!…

We look forward to seeing you and happy chatting!


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