2 Fatties, One Beach by Cynical-Sickle

2 Fatties, One Beach


18 May 2016 at 21:40:20 MDT

(Well now I have to go on and remake this entire bio. Fuck people like seriously. If anything is different don't get mad I guess. I don't remember half of what I wrote)

Basically Mira kinda got revamped. She has no tusks, has a trunk ring and a floral pattern over her belly button now and a bindi on her forehead

Name: Dominuqe Smith
Gender: Female
Species: Hippo
Occupation: Waitress/Web Model going to school to become a pediatrician
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single
Height: 8' 6'
Weight: 2,589 pounds
Eye Color: Orange
Birthday: May 24th
Birthplace: Kingston, Jamaica

Dominique was never a small girl. She had been big all her life. Initially she felt guilty and felt as an outcast until her mother uttered words she'd never forget. "We're Jamaican honey, God made you this way for a reason" While at first her classmates teased her for it, the boys came to love and admire her figure and the girls grew jealous of it. Being a hippo she naturally had a very large appetite and her body showed that. But her gluttony was unmatched by the time she started to mature. Everyday at lunch she would go up for 3rds and maybe even 6ths if she was feeling extra fat that day. But she felt no shame, she always told her friends "I'm a hippo, eating and being lazy was what God created us to do". Around high school was when she really filled out. Her voluptuous hips piled on even more blubber and flab, her belly drooped even lower and it became increasingly difficult for her to find bras that would fit her. She enjoyed her second growth spurt just as much as the boys did. She would constantly find herself fondling her pendulous gut during school without even thinking about it. She loved every single ounce of her body. Getting stuck in chairs not only embarrassed her but secretly turned her on at the same time. She loved the fact that she took up two seats on the bus at only age 16. When walking home from school she was easily one of, if not the biggest girl in her pack of fatty friends. They would constantly get cat called as their hips swayed from side to side as they lumbered on their way to school. However more often than not it was from old men who's wives would promptly correct them afterwards. Her appetite was unmatched by anyone else she knew, even her own family. One lazy summer day she ate out the entire fridge. She also had gotten a job at this time. She was a waitress at a local restaurant. The customers loved her so much, not just because her sexy figure but because of her sweet and inherently lovely personality. She was a sweet girl and only acted rudely to those who truly deserved it. She worked their until she graduated from high school. During this time her little brother would constantly get sick. She would often use home remedies to cure whatever it was. Eventually she came to like caring for her brother. Whenever he came down with something she would quickly look up the symptoms and try to diagnose him. 90% of the time she was right. That's when she knew that she wanted to become a pediatrician. She was always good with kids, and she loved helping other people. The job seemed perfect to her. Knowing that she would have to get excellent grades, she kicked it into high gear and went hard mode when it came to school. After 2 years, her hard work paid off. She was accepted into Columbia University in New York City. Thankfully for her she had a ton of money saved up because she had to get three seats on the plane ride to America. She was absolutely enamored by New York. The atmosphere, culture, the food especially. She had to stay on campus the first year since she was a freshman but that's where she met her new best friend. After getting to class late one day, she grabbed the nearest open seat(or 2) after getting to class. That's where she met sophomore, Mira Desai. The two hit it off instantly, they were like Yin and Yang. Mira had the boobs and Dominique had the ass. The two almost became inseparable earning themselves the nickname of "The Big Babes On Campus". It was around this time that both the girls found out about the FA community. Dom had always known that men had appreciated her figure, but Mira not as much. She was a shy humble girl but was always embarrassed of her size despite being an elephant. One day Dominique decided to open up her own web modeling site under the name Curvaceous Coco with her guest Indian Delight. It was mainly just something for fun. She had snagged herself a nice job at a fancy steak restaurant where she made bank serving snobby businessmen and the like. She didn't even need that job as she had gotten accepted with a full ride. But her website was her outlet. She could completely pig out and get paid for doing so. The fact that she knew she turned thousands of guys(and potentially guys) on inspired her to gain even more weight. On Saturdays when neither of them had classes they would pig out in Mira's fancy apartment filming it for her fans. While Mira was usually shy and reserved, Dominique brought out a sultry and sexy side that she didn't even know she had. Despite Mira being even heavier than her, Dom always had a bigger appetite. She was basically a bottomless pit. She hated fulfilling stereotypes but her huge appetite was partially due to the fact that she would constantly have a severe case of the muchies. Her videos would be filled with shameless displays of gluttony from both her and Mira. Eating with hands, funnel feeding, stuffing sessions, belches, belly play you name it. The two together were an FA's dream. They even met up with fans from around the New York Area and did 5000+ pound squashing sessions. Through the months, Mira and Dominique have only grown both closer together and in size. And although they dread the day when they'll have to graduate and separate, they know they'll find ways to stay in touch.

Drawn by Ladiesman 217 on FA