[Adoptables] Homestuck Adopts by cyber-walker

[Adoptables] Homestuck Adopts


1 September 2018 at 02:35:29 MDT

1. Do not steal, trace, or republish. You may only upload your adopted character sprite with permission.

  1. Do not complain if you don't get the one you want. Don't try to bribe or beg me for one, either.

  2. Please pay first before I give you the unwatermarked version. I don't want to risk these characters getting stolen.

  3. If you wish to resell these, then please don't make the price higher than what you bought them for. Unless you have a valid reason for doing so.

  4. Please credit me for the design.

  5. Failure to comply to any of these rules will result in you being blocked and banned from buying anymore of my adopts.


Alien Kid; 200 dAPoints or $2
Owner; None

Lemon Troll; 200 dAPoints or $2
Owner; None

Sleepy Kid; 200 dAPoints or $2
Owner; None

Aster Troll; 200 dAPoints or $2
Owner; SirJackBRabbit

If you would like a god tier sprite along with the one you are buying, then it would be an extra 100 Points or $1. If you choose this option, please make sure to specify the class and aspect you want. Same goes for their dream self outfit.

You will recieve an unwatermarked version once purchased.

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