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Typography of the Consoles by CybertechFoxArt

Typography of the Consoles


My last project in my Typography 2 class for the 2016 spring semester. The project was font cards for whatever subject matter we wanted. I decided to research the fonts used for some of the gaming consoles. I chose the SEGA Genesis, the N64, the PS4, and the Xbox One.
The fronts have the font name, a paragraph of information, and some buttons. The backs are patterns of the controller.
The box is made to look like a console. The box is covered in patterns of the controllers with a large controller stretching over it. "Long Live Type." is on the top, and is a play on Playstation's old slogan "Long Live Play." A hole is cut out towards the bottom of the front side to resemble the slot where you put a game disc into. The controllers are attached to the inside of the box by string to resemble the wires of the wired controllers.
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Artwork © Lauren Bartley
Negasis font © Alex Rosario
Pretendo Nintendo font © jackster3000
Zrnic font © LarabieFonts
X360 font © Redge
SEGA Gensis © SEGA
N64 © Nintendo
PS4 © Sony
Xbox One © Microsoft
All rights reserved.