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Help Create and Reveal This Artwork ! by Cybercat

Help Create and Reveal This Artwork !


Thanks to your suggestions I've decided to 'relauch' my Crowdfunded art project! I'm using KOFI memberships this time instead of Patreon.

Would you like to see more Original art? Would you like nifty rewards like sketch commissions or getting full res art suitable for printing? How bout seeing my work flow through psd layers or a timelapse video?

With your help I'll be able to produce more original art based on your votes !

One of my best selling items at conventions were my Mystery Bags and you all seemed to enjoy participating in my previous Mystery Art, so I'm doing it again!

This Mystery Art features a beautiful female furry but that is the only hint you get! :)

So how will the image be revealed? With KOFI donations and Memberships! Once my Goal reaches $150 I'll finish up and reveal the full image.

Memberships at the $1 level will get a 72 dpi Non-watermarked version of the art!

Memberships at the $5 and up levels will get a 300 dpi non watermarked version of the art suitable for printing!

Memberships at $10 will also receive a PSD file and or a video time lapse of the artwork.

Memberships at the very limited $65 level will additionally receive A 'Wing it' style thigh high sketch commission (no edits, just a sketch ) of a char of their choosing.

You can also donate on a one time basis and receive the artwork as a reward based on the amount given! (however only memberships will get the sketches. )

The full image will be revealed for everyone once the Kofi Goal of $150 has been reached and I've completed the artwork, I'll post it on my gallery sites for all to enjoy, however that will be watermarked.

Are you excited by this Mystery Art? Would you like to see more Original Characters and Art created this way? What or who do you think she could be?

To join my Kofi Memberships please visit :

To do a one time donation visit this link! :

The Goal is already 60% met thanks to some generous early supporters! We only need $60 more dollars to reach the full funding amount!

Thanks so much for everyone's past support. I couldn't make art without you!

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