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EGG ADOPT AUCTION! Starting Bid $75 ! by Cybercat

EGG ADOPT AUCTION! Starting Bid $75 !


29 May 2021 at 19:27:41 MDT

To bid visit my FA page:

It's been a while since I've done egg adopts thought it'd be fun do them again. The winning adopt will be a UNIQUE design. I will NOT be using a base and I will not reuse the line art. :) You will get a truely unique piece of digital art.

How will this work? Unlike other auctions I've done there is only ONE slot available. I still can't work as fast as I used to, so the winner of this auction will choose which egg style they want. Any eggs that are not chosen I may put up for auction again in the future.

The winner of the auction will : Choose a name, a species (Human, Furry, Dragon, fan art character whatever) , gender, body type (Slender, Voluptuous, Muscular, or Plump etc), This will include 1 front view of an character. (No cubs / infants sorry!) This art will be SFW and will NOT include any naughty bits. It will include at least 3 pieces of jewelry plus themely clothing .


Once payment is recieved I will create the adoptable as per the winner's selection. I will provide ONE preview sketch in which edits can be done, but just one round. Then I will finish the adoptable.

300 dpi jpg 8.5 x 11 inch artwork will be emailed to you. AUCTION ENDS Friday June 4th 11pm EASTERN! Please bid in amounts of $5. Buy it now is $175.00 .

The egg will then be transformed into a CELL SHADED colored sketch inspired by the traits and colors of the Egg! These are designed to be fun and quick, so there IS ONLY ONE preview and edit round, and NO refunds, so choose wisely !

These will not be done from bases, each egg will hatch into a unique and original form / artwork. All artwork will be considered Clean / General Audience in rating.

Rules : You can resell the character but please don't do so for more than you originally paid. You may not use the art I create for you for commercial purposes, but you may use the character itself (redrawn by yourself or others, or by me if you purchase the publication rights) If you are interested in using the character art commercially just +note me and we can discuss the specifics! :)

IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT THE CUSTOMIZATION OPTIONS PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE +NOTE ME BEFORE YOU BID! I may be able to bend the rules a bit, but I'd rather not disappoint anyone after they've bid by saying no.

Payment is required within 3 days via paypal. I will not hold eggs. If you've been told you cannot commission Cybercat please do not bid.

If you win the auction and then fail to pay for it, you will be put on the do not commission list. PLEASE READ ALL THE RULES!

If you have questions please ask before bidding. Thanks!