Dragon Gryphon Adoptable Starting Bid: $65 by Cybercat

Dragon Gryphon Adoptable Starting Bid: $65


2 June 2020 at 14:46:17 MDT

To bid please visit my FA page: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/36632459

Got inspired and wanted to try some experimentation. Then couldn't decide which way to go on the concept so you all get a chance on both! Make them twins, a powered up or glamour version or just decide to use which either one suits your fancy!!

Some folks don't like breasts on 'bird' anthros so that was some of the idea behind this.

Starting bid is $65.00. Autobuy is $200. Please bid in amounts of $5. Auction ends Saturday June 6th at 11 pm EASTERN. ( Please see the updated rules . Thank you! )

  • When you buy this character you get a 300 dpi jpg copy of the character with no water mark.
    * You may resell it, but do not sell it for more than you bought it for.
    You may rename it.
    You may use the DESIGN anyway you wish, commercially or whatever. However you may not use the actual artwork commercially. If you'd like to do so, let me know and we can work something out.
    *Please do not alter the artwork, though you may edit the design as you see fit.
    *Payment via paypal is required within 48 hours of end of the auction or autobuy.
    *I will not make alterations to the artwork, it will remain SFW.

RULES: You MAY NOT SELL your bids to someone else. If you Bid you Buy the art. If you want to give it away to some one as a gift, that's fine.

-Please do not bid if you cannot pay. If you bid and do not pay, I will ban you from further auctions. Do not erase your bids. 2nd highest bidder will then receive the spot.

-Payment is required upfront, via PAYPAL. Must be made within 3 days after the auction ends. If winner fails to pay, the slot will go to the next highest bidder.

-Please reply to the last bidder! Let's try to keep it organized.

  • Do not bid if you've been banned by Cybercat or been told you cannot commission me. Thanks for your understanding.

***** Anti Snipe Policy ! *****

If there's a bid placed within the last HOUR of the auction, then the final time for the auction will be extended another 45 min. Ex: If a bid is placed at at 8:00 pm and the auction is scheduled to end at 9pm, the auction time will be extended and the new End of Auction will be 9:45 pm. This will continue until the bidding has stopped.

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