Cirus Kel Solthan, Sorcerer Dragon (Jianre-M) by Curus Keel

Cirus Kel Solthan, Sorcerer Dragon (Jianre-M)

Curus Keel

30 May 2018 at 20:01:42 MDT

It's here! It's here! It's finally here!

Although a long time in the making (and before I uploaded this), I finally have the reference sheet for my previously announced character, Cirus Kel Solthan, fully finished! This originally was an adaptation of the character for a tabletop RPG project, but he (/they) was always intended to be used as an update on my existing 'sona. At the very least, he is an alternative form for the draky derg.

Here's the blurb on him from my notes:

"On the outside, Cirus Kel Solthan was not unusual among dragonkind. However, his deep magical connection did not go unnoticed by the one who would become his mentor in sorcery (Velius Solthan). Outgoing and energetic, no one was surprised when Cirus left the weyren [a dragon city/community] and sought a life of adventure. He's a natural leader, taking charge and forging ahead to the point of near recklessness, but his confidence in his own magical prowess rarely fails him or his comrades. To Cirus, there's no obstacle one cannot overcome with sufficient persistence, cunning, and will."

And from there, he'd show his prowess with fire and lightning to the world.

Cirus is part of a species of dragons, known as the drak rovan, or "wandering dragons". Their main characteristic compared to other dragons is their unusually small size in comparison, although they still easily tower over normal humanoids. In this case, the drak's 4.5ft tall at the shoulder, 17 ft. long from head to tail, and has a 40 ft. wingspan. There are a ton more little details about the race and dragons in question, but they mostly tend to pertain to the original game.

This reference was done by jianre-m, and designed collectively by her, me, and game development colleague Khodexus-M. I hope you enjoy!

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