[commission] Telegram Stickers: Jac #2 by CupcakeCreature

[commission] Telegram Stickers: Jac #2


28 April 2016 at 14:48:14 MDT

Telegram Sticker Pack Commission for   jac0!
These stickers are for the commissioner only! If you would like to download them, contact the commissioner to ask for their permission and download link.

► Commission Information: cupcakecreature.com ◄

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    These are really cute. :3 I admire his taste in food~

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    Just a question here... I see a lot of custom stickers on Telegram, but not a single one that I've seen anywhere on the sticker or in the back have had the artist's name on them.. Why not put your signature on the stickers so users know WHO made them? I hate to see lovely work like yours here, and the unknown ones I've seen, and have no clue where to go to find the creator :(

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      I provide a sticker that lists my contact info to all my clients - I trust that they put that sticker into the pack so that those who download it will know who made it. In the sets I make myself, I always include a sticker that has my name, website, and contact info.

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        Ah good, i did notice that on one that I just seen here that was yours (I recognize your art anywhere) and did see that bit of info on the inside! I hope that others are being as considerate!